Friday, 19 June 2015

Art Floral Paper Freebie

         click here to download at 4shared      

                click on image to go to store


  1. Hello,
    love your art.

    I am a newcomer designer trying to build a stock to work with.
    Buy My Store Deal at digitalscrapdesigns
    I like to buy your store but I am from Germany so I can make a purchase on digitalscrapdesigns with a payment. I only can purchase freebies. I did find your deal in other stores.

    Is there a chance to get this deal outside this online store?

    Greetings from Germany


    1. Hi Susanne
      thankyou for your email
      do you have Pay Pal?
      i could send you zip files for my Buy My Store...may have to do this in a private email
      i dont want to put them up on 4shared as anyone can get them
      will take some time to get the zip files together ..and i want to discuss the best way to do this with my daughter
      may take a week or two
      i will email you again when i work something out
      just let me know if you have PayPal...i can only accept payment in PayPal
      thankyou for your interest in my art ...
      greetings from Australia